Margate, 15th of April, 2020
Such a beautiful warm morning. You know, when I wake up I can see a ray of sunshine entering through the gap in between curtains, and inside the ray there are countless beautiful particles, floating, dancing and playing around. Naturally these are specs of dust, but also I imagine that they are microbes, bacteria and microorganisms in the petri dish created by this solar light.
And I am inside of it all.
On second thoughts, I don’t like the word vector. Vector is something fast, straight and aggressive. And my particles are happy, relaxed, dancing around following curves and sine waves of intertwined paths. Vectors exist when there is a pressing need to get to a destination.
Sometimes it creates a glitch when it is too rapid by warping space and time before disappearing.
On the contrary it seems that my particles found their perfect destination and now they are celebrating with a delightful non-rhythmic choreography enjoying the warmth of the sun.

I wonder whether my own biome is the perfect destination for the myriad of bacteria whom I host. So that they dance and prance around me in happiness. If this is not the case I wonder whether they could direct me to places where they would be happy.
The colour of this message:
dark blue 

“Pollen” from LOSCIL.
Speaking of which, since we are in the lockdown and I cannot travel in a usual way, and we need to meet in Brussels I wonder whether instead I can send some of my bacteria to inspect our artwork? We should be able to take advantage of the fact that our human bodies consist of so many creatures. It is an utmost priority to get to Brussels in time to inspect our sculpture, because, as you know, the soil bacteria which is part of the artwork is most potent at this time of the year.

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