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( naturals plural  )

If you say that it is natural for someone to act in a particular way or for something to happen in that way, you mean that it is reasonable in the circumstances.  (=normal)     (Antonym: unnatural, unusual).” It is only natural for youngsters to crave the excitement of driving a fast car...,” “ A period of depression can be a perfectly natural response to certain aspects of life.”     


1. a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment.
"a draft version was lost in a computer glitch"

1. suffer a sudden malfunction or fault.
"the elevators glitched"

Lesley Taker
Curator of Objects, Concepts and Ideas
Fourth Wall Gallery
First Sector, Peru
Maya Daubechies
Head of Collections

Museum of Digital Molecular Travel & Cellular Cartography
Fourth Sector, Brussels

Lima, 4.32 pm,  
Osmanthus Month, 2050

04:32:00 | 23495212 !2050
<<Formatted for instant absorption>>

Dear Maya, 

I hope this finds you well in the current uncertainty, or as well as can be expected. Nothing about this time is shocking anymore, just increasing evidence of the return of the natural glitch. At least we know better this go around - as long as they’ll listen. Anyway, onto the reason for my writing… 
For a long time now I have been studying the work of Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques, and their unique understanding of the glitches which are woven through our universe. Their experiments showed how these malfunctions might be used for good, versus simply living with the chaos they usually create. It’s actually quite funny that the pair almost accidentally stumbled into exploiting these system glitches for molecular travel, opening up the world after the global pandemic of 2020: a move borne out of sheer frustration, I bet! How fascinating -and entirely suitable- that two artists would be the ones to break open the borders of our bodies, of our countries, of our very concept of existence. 

It is shocking to think that our society in 2020 did not see these glitches for what they were, or realise that the planet was showing them what they were doing, the irreparable damage which was being enacted. At least this force kept throwing Molga & Henriques together: finding themselves at the same terminal for different missed flight connections, invited to the same place for very different occasions, one walking away from a city on the other side of the world as the other travels inward, and, most surreally, how they met - in the middle of a desert.  It was after they looked back at the undeniable ‘coincidences’ of their collisions that the two researchers began on a path to better comprehend how they should respond. And how their individual practices (concerned with digital systems, the environment, understanding and having empathy for things on the molecular level) might be merging to present them with a very special discovery. It seems so basic now, the way they scanned their bodies and utilised the existing global connections for instant travel. It is surprising they made it through the first trip to Brussels without being spat out into the ocean from a deep-sea cable, or lost, dispersed in the cloud. Or downloaded onto some corporate server mining Bitcoin. Truly remarkable.  

Their daily communications during the time of their research and testing, shed light on the worry of these possibilities and take on the weight of their discovery reading them now, all these years later. The way they wanted to figure a path through the chaos by refusing and hacking those cruel, outdated and underutilised systems which surrounded them, to create something so much more. Something useful, which went beyond politics, bias and excess, something truly democratic and free. Physical boundaries and territories become totally different concepts when you can break them open so easily, when you understand your body and everything around you as a buzzing mass of cells which can move across the network as easily as an email. (Ha..! remember email!?!) 

I would like you to consider the following submission of their audiovisual conversations. The playful poetry of Molga’s language belying the technical experimentalism at her fingertips. The way Henriques’ earlier artworks prefigured the very destruction of the way we perceive ourselves, as living organisms. self, in order to be remade across the other side of the planet: whole again. But maybe not quite whole. Or maybe better than whole… It is still unclear, even now. I hope, like me, you see the way they capture the panic, political anger, uncertainty -but also the beauty and hope- of that time: the time when we decided enough was enough and started listening to what the world was screaming out at us. 


Beginning of submission of materials to
be considered for the collection

molga :::: henriques$ msg#1.